12 Steps to perfect Health

Your health depends on this

(Read and understand)


Think of your BODY as a machine. Every machine needs fuels to work, materials to build up its structure and proper periodic maintenance.


Understand, then:


– The fundamental fuels for our body to function (and materials for its #structure) are #water, food #nutrients and #oxygen from #breath;

– These fuels need to reach all the cells of the body, which is only possible via good blood #circulation, which depends on regular #physicalexercise;

– It is during #sleep that these materials and fuels are best used, in the right way, in the most needed places;

– Regular exposure to adequate #sunlight is another important “accessory” fuel, for the production of #hormones (like Vitamin D, serotonin, etc.) and regulate the #brain-based #day and #night rhythm;

– Ruins all that: #Stress and #Intoxications, which drain #energy and body #resources, impair the proper use of these from most parts of the body and sometimes even harm you;

– In order to pay due attention to these factors, we all need to identify and establish our #foci, #objectives and establish the necessary planning #routines to reach them;

– Adequate #cerebral functioning is fundamental so that the Mind can think and execute all this: as the mind is controlled by our #Spirit, it becomes then priority that both be well cared for;

– When #food is not enough to #nourish, #supplementation can be quite welcome and for this the ideal is that good health professionals are regularly consulted and their guidelines are followed; This competent professional accompaniment is also important for the intercurrences of #life, prevent and treat, such as #infections, #inflammations, symptoms and illnesses that can still come even for those who truly #CARE, for real, FOR THEIR HEALTH.


Logical, right? So understand: when merely ONE of the above factors goes wrong, your most important “machine”, your #body (and your #mind) gets sick and the more of these are inadequate, the worse the #symptoms and #illnesses tend to be: Correct the necessary and your #Health will be deeply grateful.





Have a nice #HEALTHY week!


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